It has been narrated from Muhammad ibn Ka’ab Al-Qurazzi:

When Pharaoh said to his people, “I do not know of you having a god besides me” (Quran 28:38), Gabriel spread forth his wings of punishment out of anger for Allah, the Honoured, the Majestic. But Allah revealed to Gabriel, “O Gabriel, only the one who fears (the wrong-doer will) escape, hastens to punish…” So the Most Majestic gave him time after this incident for 40 days. Til Pharoah said, “I am you lord, most high!” (Quran 79:24). That is the meaning of His, Most Glorified’s words, “So Allah seized him in punishment for the last and the first (transgression).” (Quran 79:25) – i.e., Pharaoh’s first statement and his latter statement. Allah drowned him and his army.

– Hadith 244, Uqubaat, Ibn Abi Dunya.

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