The Divine Word and The Grand Design: Interpreting the Qur’an in the Light of Modern Science: Altaie, Mohammed Basil

Dr Altaie proves that the Qur’an is neither a book of science nor a book of ‘scientific miracles’, but it presents highly accurate reflections on natural phenomena which align with the findings of modern cosmology and physics. The Qur’an enables us to gain an enlightened comprehension of the world.


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Table of Contents:

Foreword vii
Chapter One – Qur’an: The Unique Book 1
Chapter Two – The Qur’an and Science 23
Chapter Three – The Solar System 43
Chapter Four – The Stars 79
Chapter Five – Time 87
Chapter Six – The Grand Design 91
Chapter Seven – Evolution 121
Chapter Eight – The Universe 147
Chapter Nine – Problematic Verses 175

Epilogue 189


Publisher Marketing:

The Qur’an is an invariably unique text, written in a language that holds a wealth of possible meanings and interpretations. In The Divine Word and The Grand Design, Dr. Basil Altaie follows a new approach in discussing the scientific signs alluded to in the Qur’an by subjecting its verses to the scrutiny of linguistic and scientific analysis. Using two main sources–established scientific facts and authentic Arabic lexicons–the book explores contentious issues such as evolution and the Big Bang, showing how some verses in the Qur’an contain signs pointing to factual scientific meanings and descriptions. In this way, the Qur’an also provides proof for its own authenticity, making it a matchless divine text.

Through his findings, Altaie attempts to answer a pressing question confronting Muslims in the modern age: is it possible to adopt an ‘Islamic’ perspective in understanding the discoveries of natural sciences? The present book shows that rather being in opposition, true knowledge and a correct understanding of science consolidates belief in God. Practitioners of theology, philosophy and scientists alike will find it an invaluable contribution to the current discourse on the relationship between Islam and science.

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