Nizam Ad-din Awliya: Morals for the Heart ( Malfuzat Series (Book 2) ): Sijzi, Amir Hasan | Lawrence, Bruce B | Inayat-Khan, Zia

In these pages, superbly translated by Professor Bruce Lawrence, the reader comes face to face with God’s Beloved. By the end, it will be clear why Amir Khusraw, the famous poet desciple, considered a chest of gold tankas a trifling price to pay for a pair of leather sandals belonging to the shaykh.


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I. Assembly 34 Monday, the 29th of Dhuʾl-Hijja, A.H. 709 (18 June 1309)

I obtained the blessing of kissing the master’s feet…. And he continued to speak of THE MIRACLES (karamat) OF SAINTS. “There was once a blind saint. An adversary came and sat down in front of him, wanting to test the saint. To himself he thought, ‘Since this person is blind, there must also be some defect in his inner person!’ Turning to the blind man, the adversary started to ask, ‘What is the sign of a saint?’ But as he was asking the question, a fly came and alighted on his nose. The man swatted it away. But it came back. He swatted it away again. A third time this happened, and in the meanwhile he managed to ask his question. ‘The least of the signs of a saint, ‘ replied the blind man, ‘is that no fly alights on his nose!’ ”

Table of Contents:


Foreword xii
Preface 1
Introduction 3
Translator’s Introduction 61
Morals for the Heart (Fuwa’id al-Fu’ad) 79
Notes 371
Select Bibliography 386
Index of Names 387
Index of Topics 393

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The Malfuzat series is a unique genre of books that records the utterances emanating from the lips of the sage through the pen of the devoted disciple. These words of wisdom are not only a source of guidance for the initiated but will provide inspiration and edification for the general reader.

The first and foremost representative of a literary genre that attained great popularity among South Asian Sufis, Fawaid al-Fu’ad or Morals for the Heart, contains the conversation of a major India saint, Shaykh Nizam ad-din Awliya (D.1325). Though recorded by a poet-disciple Amir Hasan, they were edited by the saint himself, and reflect his chaste, understated tone. In its style Morals for the Heart exemplifies the virtue of Persian prose as a didactic instrument. It communicates the numerous skills, the diverse moods, and the remarkable sensibilities of its austere subject. It captures the spirit of Shaykh Nizam ad-din’s towering presence, his absolute loyalty to his spiritual master, his taste for poetry and music, and his empathy with the sufferings of others. We see him crying and laughing and praying. Passionate in his quest for God, he has left in Morals for the Heart a spiritual legacy that still animates and satisfies others who ever Knew him. Here Muslims discover one more treasure from their pre-modern past. Here non-Muslims encounter an Islam that brings peace and spiritual insight. Here all humanity is stilled by the saga of a Muslim exemplar who enshrined sacrifice and love as the highest goals of human existence when framed by faith in God.

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