Infamies of The Soul And Their Treatments: Al-Sulami, Abu Abd Al-Rahman | Furber, Musa

Imam Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī’s Infamies of the Soul (ʿUyūb al-nafs) is one of Islam’s earliest comprehensive theories for the purification of the soul, listing sixty-nine infamies along with their common causes and treatments.


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Author’s Introduction

1. Expecting salvation despite violations

2. Comfort by the form of repentance

3. Fearing harm where none lies

4. Unconsciously slacking off in duties

5. Not feeling delight in ones duties

6. Expecting good while irritating others

7. Expecting success without any work

8. Truth and worship are contrary to its nature

9. Preferring vile notions

10. Preoccupation with the infamies of others

11. Heedlessness and negligence

12. Self-pity

13. Preoccupation with adorning the outward

14. Seeking compensation for its actions

15. Lacking delight in obedience

16. Laziness

17. Seeking leadership

18. Speaking often

19. Extravagant praise and censure

20. Discontentment with Allah’s guidance

21. Wishing for the impossible

22. Being absorbed with worldly affairs

23. Showing off obedience

24. Avarice

25. Greed for the world

26. Approving only its own work

27. Pity towards the soul

28. Seeking revenge

29. Concern that one is honored

30. Concern for sustenance

31. Oft sinning

32. Grabbing attention while neglecting the self

33. Joy, happiness, and demanding comfort

34. Following caprice

35. Inclining towards fellowship

36. Vigor in obeying and approving of it

37. Following lusts

38. Feeling secure from Satan

39. Righteousness without sincerity

40. Blindness of Allah’s respite

41. Spreading infamies of others

42. Lack of vigilance

43. Denigration and arrogance

44. Laziness and disregard for the law

45. Donning the garb of the righteous

46. Squandering time

47. Anger

48. Lying

49. Stinginess and miserliness

50. Its disposition for fancies

51. Being deluded by false praise

52. Avarice

53. Envy

54. Persisting in a sin while fancying mercy

55. Unwillingly performing acts of obedience

56. Avarice and being tightfisted

57. Accompanying the rebellious

58. Heedlessness

59. Idleness by feigning reliance on Allah

60. Departing knowledge for feigned achievements

61. Pride in what it gives

62. Showing need while having enough

63. Deeming itself superior

64. Toiling for its happiness

65. Ignorance of its creator’s blessing

66. Grasping at dispensations

67. Disregarding lapses

68. Being deceived by miracles

69. Sitting with the rich



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Infamies of the Soul (ʿUyūb al-nafs) is one of Islam’s earliest comprehensive theories for the purification of the soul. In this short guide, the hadith narrator, Shāfiʿī legist, and historian of the early sufis, Imam Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī, presents sixty-nine wicked traits and habits of the soul, including anger, laziness, negligence, self-pity, envy, avarice, lying, and pride. Each infamy is described with its common causes and treatments, usually with relevant Prophetic narrations and statements from early Muslim sages. These infamies incline the soul toward evil and self-reproach. Treating them restores its serenity and certainty. With this translation, English readers can now benefit from the simplicity and practicality of Imam al-Sulamī’s classic self-help manual that Arabic readers have utilized for the past millennium.

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