Ibn Taymiyya Against the Greek Logicians: Hallaq, Wael B

Ibn Taymiyya, one of the greatest and most prolific thinkers of medieval Islam, held Greek logic responsible for the “heretical” metaphysical conclusions reached by Islamic philosophers, theologians, mystics, and others. Unlike Ghazali, who rejected philosophical metaphysics but embraced logic, Ibn Taymiyya considered the two inextricably connected. He therefore set out to refute philosophical logic, a task which culminated in one of the most devastating attacks ever levelled against the logical system upheld by the early Greeks, the later commentators, and their Muslim followers. His argument is grounded in an empirical approach that in many respects prefigures the philosophies of the British empiricists. Hallaq’s translation, with a substantial introduction and extensive notes, makes available to a wider audience for the first time an important work that will be of interest to specialists in ancient and medieval philosophy and to historians of logic and empiricist philosophy, as well as to scholars of Islam and Middle Eastern thought.


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Translation of: Jahd al-qarihah fi tajrid al-Nasihah, an abridgement of: Nasihat ahl al-bayan fi al-radd ala mantiq al-Yunan.;Includes bibliographical references (p. [183]-196) and indexes.

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“A competent and readable translation of a key text of Islamic civilization. The work carries the insignia of Clarendon Press, Oxford is a further testimony of its enduring value. Apart from students of Muslim thought, specialists in philosophies and historians of logic are sure to benefit from this sterling effort. Indeed, it should prove to be of equal interest to all the critics, Muslims or otherwise, of modern science.”– Muslim World Book Review

“…Hallaq’s work should be viewed as an important contribution to Ibn Taymiyah studies, one that largely appreciates and critically evaluates the thought of this important intellectual of the Mamluk period.”– Mamluk Studies Review

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