Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love: Practical Tips for a Spiritually Fulfilling Life: Ansari, Sidra

Let Sidra Ansari help you find peace through prayer and love!

Contrary to what you might believe, nobody has an easy life. A good life is made through sacrifices, strength and determination. But what happens when life still doesn’t go to plan?

In this book, Sidra shows you how to use the following formula to find inner peace: Faith + Acceptance + Patience = Contentment + Love + Gratitude

This is a book that explores identity, relationships, self-care and much more. In a warm, conversational tone, Sidra shares a resounding message: To trust in Allah because you are always being looked after. Her practical tips on how to nurture your mental, spiritual and physical health ensure that soon, you too, will have the skills to enjoy the journey of life.


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Review Quotes:

“Furnished with quotes, endnotes and a list of recommended reading, Sidra’s unique contribution is a blueprint for Muslim women looking to traverse the trials and throes of marriage, relationships and living as a Muslim woman in a modern age. Sidra Ansari has written a lucid collection of advice that will serve Muslim women from all walks of life looking to make peace with themselves.”

The Muslim Write

“In Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love, Sidra Ansari takes her readers on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and reform. Ansari’s writing style, along with her obvious sincerity, give the feeling of sitting with an old friend and enjoying an intellectually charged and uplifting conversation about a variety of topics relevant to modern Muslim women living in the West.”

Alaa Barghouti, MuslimReviews

“Ansari truly has a gift for providing solace to readers and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.”

Halimah Haque,

Words of a Water Lily

“In the gentle and friendly tone of a trusted confidante, the author steers the reader through a wealth of advice for different areas of life with the aim of helping them find joy and peace within, even when their circumstances may not be wholly conducive to attaining it.”

Nazira Vania, Writer

Table of Contents:

Introduction 1

PART ONE: This Is Me, Who Are You?

Life as a Muslim Living in the West 15

A Wake Up Call 29

Find Your Passion 35

Make A Choice 43

Gratitude 55

PART TWO: Dealing with Relationships

Ten Top Tips for a Happy and Successful Marriage 69

Maintaining Positive Relationships 87

Bringing Up Children in the West 101

Losing Loved Ones 115

PART THREE: Looking After Yourself

The Importance of Self-Care 129

Tips for Time Management 139

On Dancing and Other Ways to Reduce Stress! 149

Limiting Wi-Fi and Social Media 161

Healthy Eating and Exercise 171

On Sleep and Stillness 185

On Contentment 195

Epilogue: Trust in Allah 203

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